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Custom home builders who care about YOU

With 36 years of home building experience, we understand the total home building process. We know how important it is for you to incorporate your personal style without exceeding your budget, and we're here to make sure that happens. If you want a truly memorable and pleasant home building experience come to us to make that dream home into your reality. From "custom home design", specific to your lot, to construction and interior finishes, we'll provide you with everything exactly how you dreamed it. Together we can make it happen for you. 


Together, we can make a difference

At Midlin Builders with our professional design partners and staff we offer you an endless array of home designs. No matter how modern or traditional your style is, you can count on us to create the "Custom Home Design" you need, to fit your lifestyle and budget.


Custom Builder

Let's face it; buying an existing home cannot provide you with the individuality you need. When you come to us for your custom home in Greenville, we'll help you incorporate your needs and style into every room. So your custom home not only is yours, it is you. 


No one wants their custom homes in Greenville to look like a carbon copy of every other home in the neighborhood. You have specific functionality needs and a unique style that you want to incorporate into your custom home design. Luckily for you, we specialize in those areas.   

From finding a building site, to choosing a custom home design, building your dream home, and then enjoying an orientation party, we are there with you every step of the way. We will provide you with the valuable guidance, direction, and expertise you need throughout the entire home building process. We at Midlin Builders will work with you from start to finish, providing access to the complete range of building services you need for your custom luxury home in Greenville and surrounding areas.

​We offer a team of experts for everything, from custom home design, financing, building, and interior design to decorating. We’re not just custom home builders; we help you "Define Your Home." We believe that "Your Home - Built Your Way" is your safe place.

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